How the Russian Federation is losing dozens of tanks in the war against Ukraine

According to Julian Röpke, a military analyst for the German edition of Bild, the occupation army of the Russian Federation is losing dozens of tanks in the criminal war against Ukraine, literally due to a mistake by the drivers of armored vehicles.

How a mistake causes numerous losses by the occupation army of dozens of armored vehicles

It should be noted that Ryopke analyzed the video in which the Ukrainian army destroys the so-called “turtle tank” of the Russian occupiers.

The analyst highlighted that initially the Russian tank was blown up by a mine, but it was not destroyed, it simply lost its ability to move.

At the same time, the tank crew and the Russian occupants on board had time to abandon the downed tank.

Röpke points out that even a stationary “turtle tank” is very difficult to destroy.

However, the driver-mechanic, when fleeing, left the inspection hatch located at the front of the vehicle open.

It was there that a small Ukrainian kamikaze drone flew and caused a powerful explosion.

If the hatch cover had been closed, it would have been much more difficult to destroy the tank.

Röpke pointed out that this is not the only such case and that the Russian occupiers lose equipment almost every day in the same way.

As a result, hundreds of tanks, armored personnel carriers and BMPs have already fallen victim to open hatches.

According to the analyst, the blame lies with the panic of Russian tankers, who forget the need to close the hatch when they abandon equipment damaged by mines.

What is known about the use of Ukrainian-made equipment by the Armed Forces

According to information from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, since the beginning of the invasion of the criminal army of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the Ukrainian army received about 110 models of equipment.

It should be noted that currently more than a third of all military equipment used by the Armed Forces on the front is produced in Ukraine.

Codification and admission to the use of Ukrainian-made weapons allows their purchase with funds from the state budget.

It should be noted that over the past five months, 60 samples of domestically produced military equipment and weapons have been put into service in the Ukrainian army.

This includes armored vehicles, off-road vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and special vehicles.

Models of off-road vehicles produced by Japanese and European automakers popular in the army, as well as the world’s largest American tractor-transporter for off-road transportation of tanks, self-propelled artillery installations and other heavy armored vehicles, have been officially presented. in operation, highlights the department.

It is reported that more than a third of all models of automotive equipment are of Ukrainian development and production.

Currently, our State is capable of creating special vehicles, armored vehicles, ordinary trucks, all-terrain vehicles and electric motorcycles of domestic production.