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  • The characters of Fred and George weren’t developed in the Harry Potter movies, but HBO’s remake may change that.
  • The Weasley twins were treated as a single unit in the films, lacking the individual traits that were present in the books.
  • Fred’s death scene was cut in The Deathly Hallows Part 2, showing the importance of highlighting the twins’ individuality.

Fred and George are among my favorite characters in the Harry Potter movies, but I hope the upcoming HBO TV remake makes some much-needed changes to its characters. Like most book-to-screen adaptations, Warner Bros. Harry Potter The films were forced to leave out much of the story. The television remake, on the other hand, will have the advantage of having much more time to include the nuances of the characters and plots. In the case of Fred and George, I hope this means that their own personalities will be a little more developed.

Pranksters and entrepreneurs, the Weasley twins were the central comic force of the Harry Potter series, both in books and movies. James and Oliver Phelps did a phenomenal job bringing Fred and George to life, and I can’t imagine anyone else as I read the Harry Potter books. Her comedic timing was excellent, especially considering their ages when they started playing the twins, and her mischievous nature was always evident on screen. I have no criticism of the Phelps’ performances, but the way Fred and George were written for the movies is another matter..


HBO’s Harry Potter TV Show: Updates and Everything We Know

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Fred and George didn’t have their own identities in the Harry Potter movies

HBO Remake Should Treat Fred and George as Individuals

Fred (James Phelps) and George Weasley (Oliver Phelps) in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Fred and George were essentially a single unit in the Harry Potter films. Unless another character specifically pointed out who was who, it was difficult to tell on screen who was Fred and who was George, but it never really mattered much. They talked at the same time and did all the same things, to the point that The Weasley twins are often treated as a single character with a unified arc in the films.. While this is somewhat true of the books, the confusion of his individuality was much less pronounced as the text always identified who Harry was speaking to.

from the Harry Potter The books made it much easier to tell the Weasley twins apart, their unique traits starting to shine through. Sure, they were both mischievous and too smart for their own good, but Fred tended to be the more playful and brave of the pair. This also meant that he was a little more aggressive and more enthusiastic about harassing Ron or blackmailing Ludo Bagman to collect the money he owed them. On the other hand, George was (slightly) more reserved and calculating and gave a voice to reason when Fred took things too far.

Movies that gave Fred and George shared dialogue didn’t help

Fred and George’s shared lines were funny, but they only hurt their characters

Fred and George laughing in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The main reason why the Harry Potter The films’ failure to communicate the differences of Fred and George is that they were often given overlapping dialogue. The Phelps brothers were given almost all the same lines and had to say them simultaneously or swap the words back and forth. Many of these sentences (such as his instructions on the Marauders Map) were so complicated that It seemed that Fred and George shared a common mind.and this made them seem even more like they lacked their own thoughts and personalities.

I’d love to see HBO’s TV remake take a different route, giving the new actors who play Fred and George more of their own lines and even some alone time on screen.

Aesthetically, the peculiar expression of Fred and George’s lines made their roles in the Harry Potter The films are even more capricious and now it is difficult to imagine them any other way. However, since the trade-off is the characters’ individuality, it’s simply not worth it. I’d love to see HBO’s TV remake take a different route, giving the new actors who play Fred and George more of their own lines and even some alone time on screen. After all, the Weasley twins’ stories don’t end the same, and the Harry Potter The movies show that yes fred and georgeIndividuality is not respected, your individual stories will not land the same way..

Cutting Fred’s death scene was one of the biggest crimes in Deathly Hallows

The Harry Potter films continued to ignore the individuality of the Weasley twins until Fred’s death.

A combined image shows the Weasley twins standing over Hogwarts with one of the twins in black and white.

Like many others Harry Potter fans, I cried harder at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when Fred Weasley died. I never saw it coming, and the fact that he died while he was laughing at his own joke made it even more bitter. Add in Percy Weasley’s cries of regret and it remains one of the most devastating scenes I’ve read in YA literature. For this reason, I was outraged to see that the Deathly Hallows Part 2 The film removed the scene. Instead, Fred’s body was only displayed in the Great Hall and, in keeping with movie traditions, It was not immediately clear if it was Fred or George who had died..

By cutting the actual scene where Fred died, the Harry Potter The movies once again stripped the twins of their individuality. Fred and Percy had been fighting side by side when the corridor exploded unexpectedly, and this was significant as their own relationship was especially troubled. As much as I personally don’t like Percy, it was touching to see them banter together, and it felt like a big step in Fred’s personal arc since George wasn’t even around when this happened. By cutting all this, he Harry Potter The movies cheapened this version of the twins’ characters again..

HBO Season 1
Harry Potter
The remake is expected to begin airing on Max in 2026.

I hope to see Fred and George more faithful to the books in HBO’s Harry Potter remake

HBO’s Harry Potter Remake Gets More Time to Explore Fred and George’s Individual Characters

As frustrated as I was seeing that. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 When I cut Fred’s death scene, I understood that such changes are inevitable in film adaptations. Sure, the movie probably could have cut to Harry and Voldemort flying inexplicably around the castle, but that would still have left very little time to give Fred’s final moments the attention he deserved. Of course, HBO’s new television version of Harry Potter You won’t have this problem, so there would be no excuse this time. Fred’s death scene absolutely needs to be included, and for it to be as impactful as it should be, the twins’ individuality needs to be a priority throughout the series.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Fred and George finish each other’s sentences and talk at the same time once or twice in the Harry Potter remake, but HBO writers have yet to treat the duo as individual characters. The television format allows the individuality of the Weasley twins to be taken even further than in the books., paying special attention to the characteristics that make these two children unique. Fred and George hold a particularly warm place in my heart, and that’s precisely why I should see more book-accurate versions of their characters in the upcoming series.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter is HBO’s reboot of the iconic Wizarding World film series that ran for eight films between 2001 and 2011. Each season adapts a book from JK Rowling’s popular series and provides finer details than the films. Following the announcement of the Harry Potter television show, the series received harsh criticism for Rowling’s involvement and why many thought a reboot was unnecessary.