Duchess Sofia learns from Meghan Markle’s mistakes

Duchess Sofia learns from Meghan Markle’s mistakes

Princess Sofia is one of the few royals who has risen to the occasion as the royal family continues to descend into one crisis after another.

Speaking to FEMALE EMAILRoyal expert Richard Fitzwilliams has reflected on the Duchess of Edinburgh’s contributions to the royal family in recent months, including taking on extra duties in the absence of cancer-stricken Kate Middleton.

He also drew comparisons between Prince Edward’s wife and Meghan Markle, who stepped down from royal duties alongside Prince Harry in 2020.

“(The Duchess of Edinburgh) is very down-to-earth, which is essential, but without attracting negative publicity,” she said.

Despite their shared interest in women’s issues around the world, the expert suggested that while Meghan is “self-obsessed”, Sophie prefers to “get on with it”.

He told the outlet: “Sophie was renowned as the late Queen’s confidante and King Charles knows he can trust her implicitly.

“Her temperament is very different from Meghan’s. The latter, while not lacking in talent, is self-centred and reportedly temperamental,” Richard explained.

“Sophie is linked to almost 70 organisations. Meghan only had a few patronages, Harry had a few more (and) they decided to give them up to start a new life elsewhere.

“Sophie and Edward do not seek publicity or praise. Like Princess Anne, they get along well, are trustworthy, do a lot of good and not just for themselves, as the Sussexes often do,” the expert added.