A dermatologist reveals three common skin care mistakes we all make

A skincare expert has revealed the most common mistakes people make “all the time” and shared the only three products you need in your routine.

Many of us have product-heavy skincare routines, and this can easily become ingrained in the way we relax throughout the day.

Some people are looking forward to the ten-step process, maybe even more, but one dermatologist has warned that we only need to use three products.

In addition to that, Dr. Azadeh Shirazi revealed the three most common mistakes people make, and they are more common than you think.

The expert admitted on TikTok that she encounters people committing these skincare crimes on a regular basis, and she’s here to clarify what we should do. In fact He needs to be doing it.

You may have been using too many products all along. (Getty Images)

You may have been using too many products all along. (Getty Images)

Using too many products

If there’s nothing you love more than having your skincare cabinet filled with different lotions and serums, it might be time to do some cleansing.

Ron Robinson, a cosmetic chemist who spoke to the New York Times, compared our skin to a “suit of armor” that breaks down multiple attackers.

As for our skin, these aggressors can be pollutants, allergens and irritants.

According to him, every ingredient we put on our skin threatens that barrier, which can lead to the very things we’re trying to avoid: redness, dryness, breakouts, and other problems.

It turns out that less is more when it comes to skincare, and Shirazi has recommended the only three products your face really needs.

These include: cleanser, moisturizer, and an SPF to protect against harmful rays.

She did advise, however, “If you have acne or want to do something to combat aging, add a treatment step between your cleanser and moisturizer.”

These are the three most common mistakes. (Getty Images)

These are the three most common mistakes. (Getty Images)

Skipping sun protection

The skincare expert insisted that using sunscreen is imperative for delicate skin that is prone to sun damage.

This includes areas such as the eyelids, lips, ears, neck and chest, as well as the back of the hands, where he says he often removes skin cancer.

You heard the lady, bring out the SPF 50!

Copy a friend’s skincare routine

Recommending a product here and there isn’t a problem, but ultimately, Shirazi recommends developing a regimen that’s best for you.

She said: “Make sure you use specific products that are good for your skin type and concern, because everyone’s skin is different.

“You see all these people, all these influencers online who are promoting this product and that product, and people get distracted.

“His friend is using this miracle gel and that’s how he started, but it’s not the right treatment for him.”

You have been warned!