How to avoid common mistakes when requesting BENQI Airdrops | by Norrie Wsan | Jul, 2024

Norrie Wsan

How to participate in BENQI airdrops effectively

  1. Enter the Airdrop page: Visit the official airdrop page through trusted links.
  2. Connect your wallet: Securely link your cryptocurrency wallet to the airdrop platform.
  3. Complete social media tasks: Follow, share and interact with the project’s social media accounts.
  4. Authorize transactions: Confirm all transactions required to claim your airdrop.

Social media platforms play a vital role in discovering and participating in BENQI airdrops. This article discusses how to leverage social media to take advantage of the best airdrop opportunities.

  • Twitter: Follow crypto influencers, project accounts, and hashtags like #Airdrop and #CryptoAirdrop to stay up to date with the latest opportunities (Master The Crypto).
  • Telegram: Join Telegram groups and channels dedicated to airdrop announcements and discussions. Projects often use Telegram to communicate directly with their community (OKX).
  • Discord: Participate in project-specific Discord servers where information about airdrops is shared frequently. Many projects have channels dedicated to airdrop announcements and support (OKX).
  • Interact with the content: Actively participate in posts and announcements. Retweeting, sharing, and commenting can sometimes be part of the eligibility requirements for airdrops (Master The Crypto).
  • Join multiple groups: Be part of multiple cryptocurrency communities to gain access to a wider range of ads and airdrop opportunities (OKX).

By effectively utilizing social media platforms, you can stay informed about the latest BENQI airdrop opportunities and increase your chances of participating in lucrative airdrops.