Minnesota Wild: Yakov Trenin signing raises concerns about past mistakes

The Minnesota Wild’s decision to sign Yakov Trenin to a four-year contract worth $3.5 million average annual value echoes previous moves by Chuck Fletcher, emphasizing the need for bigger, tougher players in the lineup to excel in the NHL.

By the numbers

  • Trenin signed a four-year, $3.5 million AAV contract with the Wild.
  • The combined total spent on similar players in the past by the Wild was 12 years and $20.6 million.
  • These players accumulated a total of 386 games, 80 points and 1.1 rating points above replacement.

Yes, but

Comparisons with previous signings under Fletcher and potential concerns that similar mistakes could be repeated under Guerin raise questions about the long-term impact and success of such deals.

State of the situation

  • The evolution of Minnesota’s roster under Guerin reflects Fletcher’s focus on toughness and size, leading to potential consequences for player performance and team dynamics.
  • Guerin’s shift toward rewarding players with larger, long-term contracts indicates a departure from his previous tight salary cap strategies.
  • The team’s recent problems with injuries and player departures highlight the challenges in achieving the desired level of competitiveness and physicality.

Whats Next

Guerin’s approach to player contracts and team building will be closely scrutinized as the Wild look to balance toughness with cost effectiveness and sustainable on-ice performance.

Bottom line

As Guerin navigates the terrain of player acquisitions and contract negotiations, the parallels to past decisions raise important questions about the team’s strategic direction and the potential risks associated with pursuing a “tough-to-play” roster.