Three Covid symptoms people mistake for hay fever listed as UK cases soar

A surge in Covid cases is leading Britons to mistake three common symptoms for hay fever, with experts warning that Covid can intensify allergy symptoms.

As the new FLiRT variant of Covid continues to spread across the UK, Britons are being encouraged to recognise the difference between common summer hay fever symptoms and those of the infectious strain of the virus that brought the world to a standstill in 2020.

Britons are falling ill due to a nasty virus with hay fever-like symptoms, but it’s actually the infectious FLiRT variant that’s wreaking havoc.

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Many Britons have been affected by Covid FLiRT this summer (stock)(Image: Getty Images)

The illness presents with fever, persistent cough, sore throat, upset stomach, and changes in taste and smell, eerily similar to seasonal allergies.

Dr Rhoads, vice-chair of the Microbiology Committee, told GB News that people infected with the latest FLiRT variants are experiencing some common and well-known symptoms, including fatigue, cough and loss of smell. Bupa stressed that while hay fever can affect smell and taste, complete loss of these senses remains more likely to be a symptom of Covid.

It shares many symptoms with hay fever, including loss of smell and taste, and fever (stock).(Image: Getty Images)

The severity of symptoms is a key indicator. Bupa stresses that if a person has difficulty breathing or a high temperature, it is likely to be COVID. Owen, an expert at the University of Derby, recommends that COVID testing remains the preferred option to distinguish between hay fever and the FLiRT variants, the Mirror reports.