Wayne Goss warns about common makeup mistakes that could age you 10 years

Makeup expert Wayne Goss says there are three common mistakes that can age us. And while we may think they’re helping, they can make us look up to 10 years older than we actually are.

Goss, who runs the beauty website Wayne Goss and whose First Edition brush collection sold out immediately after its launch last year, says many people make a common mistake: instead of giving a more youthful appearance, it does the opposite, further accentuating wrinkles.

She explains: “Most of us use makeup to enhance our appearance or even to hide some of the wrinkles we have accumulated over the years. However, due to certain mistakes, the makeup we use could have the opposite effect.”

He adds that not only will it make you look older than you are, but it will “potentially add not just one or two, but up to ten years to your face.” So, according to the expert, here are three things you should avoid if you want to keep your face looking youthful.

1. Eyeshadow

Goss says to choose your makeup carefully, as even if your makeup looks good, it may not look as good applied. She suggests: “Instead, go for a matte finish. A matte finish usually works best as it doesn’t draw attention to creased areas or folds.”

“Powders are also easier to apply over creams, especially since they’re easier to blend with a good quality brush. Never blend eyeshadow with your fingers – good quality brushes are made with the intention of blending out hooded lids and fine lines well.”

2. Corrector

Choosing the right shade for your skin tone is crucial. While some people may believe that any light shade will be enough to brighten the under-eye area, it can actually have the opposite effect.

Goss says: “People tend to apply too light a concealer around the eyes, which can add years to the face, so it’s really important to choose a colour that best suits your skin tone. It’s always recommended to use a cream concealer over a liquid one, and I highly recommend applying a little bit in the inner corner of the eye, as it’s the only part of the eye that doesn’t crease.”