Boomer criticizes Luis Severino’s inexcusable mistakes with the Mets

Luis Severino cost the Mets a run on Wednesday night after failing to get behind the plate to back up an errant throw, then failing to back up third base on the next play.

Carlos Mendoza said he would address the situation with Severino after the game, and New York’s eventual 6-2 victory, and Boomer said he has to make it clear to his pitcher that such mental setbacks are inexcusable.

“In every sport, physical mistakes are made. It’s the mental mistakes that really get to you,” Boomer said.

“That’s inexcusable. It’s a mental error. Mendoza has to have a conversation with Severino and tell him, ‘You know what you’re supposed to do.
I’m not asking you to do anything extraordinary. I’m just asking you to do your job.”

Severino has been strong all season for the Mets, but when the team is struggling to erase a slow start to the season and get into a playoff spot, those kinds of mistakes in close games can’t happen.

“He did it twice! That kind of nonsense is what makes a coach look bad. It better not happen again,” Boomer said. “You’re asking a guy to do a simple job. Just do it … that’s all you have to do. If you do your job and everyone else does what they’re supposed to do, your chances of winning increase infinitely.

“If they had lost the game on two plays where he didn’t back up and allowed two runs to go ahead or score, we would have been up here screaming.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac | Getty Images