Diablo 4 Player Instantly Loses Level 100 Character With Simple Hardcore Bug

Even Diablo 4 Hardcore players can make mistakes that could cost them the entire match, and one player did exactly that moments after hitting level 100. Since there’s no turning back after a Hardcore death, it’s all over right there.

Reddit user ‘Caligrya’ posted about the incident on the Diablo subreddit, as they lost their Hardcore character “just minutes” after reaching level 100. Of course, as many would have guessed, they were killed by Uber Lilith.

Reaching level 100 in Diablo 4 is a massive accomplishment in itself, as it involves a lot of end-game leveling over a fairly long period of time. But the original author did it on a Hardcore character, so it’s an even bigger achievement.

However, it only took losing all of his progress for the OP to realize his mistake. “Did you try to yet Echo of Lilith right after hitting level 100?” one player asked. Uber Lilith is considered to be the hardest enemy in the game and many consider changing their builds multiple times after hitting level 100 to take her on.

The OP responded that their “naivety (was) on full display” during this decision, as they thought they could take on the boss right after hitting level 100. “This will be their last stupid mistake,” another player added.

“Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer,” others advised, while some asked the OP not to feel bad about the outcome, saying “If you get to 100 HC, you won, everything after that is just a bonus.”

A good way to determine if you can handle Uber Lilith is when you can comfortably beat level 100+ nightmare dungeons and level 60+ pits. Once you’ve reached that stage, you can finally attempt to defeat her with your HC character, but remember that you only get one chance.

Of course, reaching level 100 with a HC character is a huge feat, but players who want to take on Uber Lilith right after reaching that milestone will likely face a similar fate as the OP. Blizzard has purposely made Echo of Lilith a challenge, and players should prepare for that.

So if you want to take on Lilith too, make sure you’re well versed in our best builds and all the useful new mechanics in Season 4: Loot Reborn.