Mumbai hit-and-run accused Mihir Shah says he ‘made a big mistake’

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Police have questioned Mihir Shah, the main accused in the Mumbai BMW hit-and-run case, and his driver Rajrishi Bidawat in connection with the case. Both the accused are currently in the custody of the Mumbai Police.

Shah, son of politician Rajesh Shah, told police he made a “big mistake” and his “career is over” while being questioned, according to a report by News18.

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“I made a big mistake, my career is over,” he said during his confession.

Mihir Shah, 24, was arrested by police on July 9, two days after he allegedly rammed his BMW into a two-wheeler, killing Kaveri Nakhwa (45), who was riding pillion, and injuring her husband Pradeep.

Following his arrest, the police recreated the crime scene in the Worli area of ​​Mumbai where the gruesome incident took place. Both Mihir and the driver Rajrishi Bidawat were rushed to the spot.

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Shah also told police that he was driving the car at the time of the crash, authorities said. PTI citing the investigation conducted so far. Bidawat was with Mihir Shah at the time of the accident.

Shah had exchanged seats with his driver after the accident. Police have charged Shah with culpable homicide not punishable by murder, among other charges.

The 24-year-old defendant, who will be in police custody until July 16, said he has a driving license but the document has not yet been recovered, he said.

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According to a report by Canadian National TelevisionShah and his driver claimed they were unaware that the woman was trapped under the car when they drove away after crashing the two-wheeler.

So far, statements have been collected from 14 people, including Mihir Shah’s mother, sisters and friends.

Mihir Shah’s father Rajesh Shah, a Shiv Sena politician from neighbouring Palghar district, is also an accused in the case and is currently out on bail.