Team manager Jose Mourinho gives an emotional talk to fans after they shared their everyday mistakes with the legendary football manager

An AI-powered Jose Mourinho has been created, designed to deliver a gripping team talk when fans admit their everyday mistakes.

They are encouraged to share their funniest mistakes to receive a personalized video message from the boss, which they can then send to their friends via WhatsApp.

Jose Mourinho’s AI reacts to fans after sharing his everyday mistakesCredit: Snickers
José has always felt comfortable in front of the camera.Credit: Snickers
Now the AI ​​version of Jose can respond just like the real trainerCredit: Snickers

The creation of the artificial intelligence tool involved more than 100 people and countless hours of filming with Special One.

A meticulous process was undertaken to not only ensure that his videos look and sound like the real Jose, but also think like him.

It was developed using a unique “chain of thought” architecture that makes the answers as similar to Jose’s as possible.

This approach used by AI professionals means that there is an unlimited amount of videos, each of which is unique and not dependent on predefined content.

It has been created by Snickers and is available to use on smartphones via their ‘Own Goal’ page.

The former Chelsea and Real Madrid manager says he was “excited” to partner with the chocolate brand to bring the technology to life.

And Sergio Peniche, Senior Brand and Content Director at Mars Wrigley, added: “Partnering with Jose Mourinho to create the AI ​​version of himself brings a unique and entertaining twist to our Own Goal campaign.

“Now everyone can get some valuable training and a lot of laughs from one of the brightest minds in football.”

The real José spends hours filmingCredit: Snickers