Twisters should avoid this mistake from the original movie


  • Tornadoes
    It promises more thrills with advanced special effects, but needs a stronger story to stand out in 2024.
  • 1996s
    It had groundbreaking computer-generated special effects, but lacked depth in the plot. The 2024 film must avoid this mistake to succeed.
  • The sequel will rely on impressive special effects, but will also need to address climate change to remain relevant and attract audiences.

The hype surrounding the film has already caused a sensation. Tornadoes is preparing to hit theaters. A sequel to the hit 1996 film, Twister, This one promises even more excitement. The first film was a huge commercial success, mainly because it broke the boundaries in the use of special effects and CGI, which were then just emerging from their infancy in cinema. Twister The visual effects were so impressive and rarely seen at the time that it was nominated for two Oscars for Best Sound and Best Visual Effects.

However, the problem with how good the first film’s special effects were back then was exactly that: they were unbelievable. at that time. The new film will likely be just as visually striking. and boasts many improved effects thanks to the vast advances of the 21st century. However, it is perhaps also as cursed by its time as its predecessor was blessed by its time back then.

Although it already looks a lot like Tornadoes It will be a commercial success despite a $200 million budget, but it is not clear whether it will surpass the original. What it will have to do is Don’t repeat a mistake made in that film if it really wants to stand out as a standalone sequel and not just a modern rehash of the same old thing.

The only mistake the 1996 movie Twister made



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May 10, 1996

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For people who loved 1996 Twister, To say that something was wrong is sacrilege, and understandably so, since in many ways it was a good movie. In addition to all the mesmerizing special effects that dazzled audiences, it had two great actors, a solid premise, and an underlying story good enough to at least hold up to the many scenes that weren’t heart-stopping.


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However, that last part was the main criticism of the film. After spending so much time, money and effort on its special effects, Not enough money was put into developing their story.That story was that of Jo Harding (Helen Hunt) and Bill Harding (Bill Paxton), her ex-husband. Both meteorologists and “storm chasers,” Jo pursues the largest tornado seen in a long time using a special data-gathering device that Bill designed but never finished.

Despite their differences, the appearance of rival storm chasers causes them to reunite again to get there first. Of course, the feelings they once had for each other resurface along the way. However, even though their drama gives the film its foundation, The star of the movie is and always will be the tornadoes. that appear in it and the fantastic effects that brought them to life.

Twister should have had a better story

Despite grossing nearly $500 million at the box office and being nominated for numerous awards, the 1996 film… Twister Critics gave it a disappointing 63% rating. Audiences gave it an even worse 58%. However, despite the initial reception, the disaster film was a box office success.

However, just three years earlier, Jurassic Park was released. Still, Twister It didn’t have the same cultural impact as the dinosaur classic. That’s because what it did Jurassic Park So special was not only its iconic use of CGI and spectacular special effects But also the fact that it featured a very memorable plot driven by fabulous actors (and an exceptional director) who took that story and made it unforgettable. Even without the dinosaurs, who could forget things like the two children in the film and how instrumental they were in developing Dr. Grant’s character, or Ian’s foreboding word, or Dennis’s antics that were so memorable they were even resurrected in the 21st century as memes?

What are Twisters? What you should do to stand out



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July 19, 2024

Lee Isaac Chung

Amblin Entertainment, The Kennedy/Marshall Company, Universal Pictures

But obviously, Twister I didn’t need to be as good as Jurassic Park It would be a huge commercial success. However, its entirety Relying on tornado spectacle won’t work in 2024. The public, for the most part, has become desensitized to the idea of ​​being amazed by CGI and special effects due to their overuse in film. Groundbreaking effects, such as Avatar and its sequel will still draw audiences to the theater, but it usually takes more than that to achieve a successful box office take.

There is no doubt that the year 1996 Twister was an influential film. There is also no doubt that Tornadoes It will rely heavily on its special effects to dazzle audiences. However, it is hoped that if it is to achieve a critical rating above 80%, it will also feature a better, more developed story, with enough depth and substance to sustain the franchise, which will undoubtedly turn heads if it lives up to expectations and becomes a box office hit.

After all, the movie doesn’t need to rely on computer-generated special effects in an age where we’ve already seen more than enough of that in cinema. The 2020s aren’t an era that will likely be remembered for special effects, at least not in the way it was when computer-generated special effects started to explode in the 90s. However, it is an era where the climate has become one of the biggest topics and most polarizing issues in history as a result of climate change. Tornadoes avoid the topic, The film will miss the opportunity to integrate a vital social issue into its plot..


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However, if the film focuses too much on climate change, it risks being labeled as “too progressive.” What is certain is that if it only chooses to prioritize emotions over story, its plot risks fading into obscurity. Only, this film won’t be able to rely on its special effects to make it memorable like its predecessor did. Here’s why story should matter, as explained by an article from Yale Climate Connections Explains what the future of tornadoes might look like:

“A 2017 analysis concluded that average annual tornado impacts and vulnerability could be 6 to 36 times greater by 2100 compared to 1940, depending on location. The largest projected increase is in the south-central region, from eastern Arkansas to the Appalachians. Even places like New York City have a surprisingly high tornado risk when considering the extreme impacts a low-probability impact could inflict on a dense, vulnerable urban population, as documented in the National Risk Index released by FEMA in 2021.”

Tornadoes will hit theaters on July 19.