Warning about common laundry mistakes that can end up ruining your clothes

Environmental issues are at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now, and a great way to be more conscious is to cut back on fast fashion.

This massive industry can have a devastating impact on the planet, so instead of stocking up on new clothes all the time, people are urged to take better care of the things they already have to make them last longer.

This is better for your wallet and the planet, as new clothes can be very expensive. However, experts have warned that we could be ruining our clothes without realising it, due to a very common washing mistake.

Consumer experts at Which? have urged people to start taking better care of their clothes to avoid extra costs and also to minimise the impact on the planet. They have highlighted a couple of tips and tricks to follow, including a very common washing mistake that many people are guilty of.

To keep your clothes in better condition for longer, it may be worth stopping using fabric softener, as it can leave residues on clothes that build up over time and can be difficult to remove.

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Using this detergent can also make it harder for the detergent to penetrate and clean your clothes. It can also make towels less effective at absorbing water and can irritate sensitive skin.

However, if you want your clothes to be soft when they come out of the wash, there is a simple product you can use that is not as damaging and is also much cheaper.

Distilled vinegar can be used as an additional step when washing clothes to keep them fresh and soft. Simply hand wash the clothes first with a little vinegar diluted in water, before placing them in the washing machine as usual.