Experience the magic of Teigen Gayse’s single “Better Mistake”

Teigen Gayse, known by her social media handle @teigsxo, is making waves in the Canadian country music scene. Hailing from Chetwin, British Columbia, this emerging artist, songwriter and producer has captivated audiences with her unique sound and heartfelt lyrics. Her latest single, “Better Mistake,” showcases her talents and sets the stage for an exciting summer full of festival appearances.

Teigen Gayse’s “Better Mistake” music video

The music video adds another layer of charm to the song. It captures the innocence of falling in love, highlighting the endearing and sometimes awkward moments that come with new relationships. According to Teigen Gayse, it’s these “best mistakes” in life that make everything more beautiful, a sentiment that resonates deeply with her audience.

“Better Mistake” is that anthem to love that immediately draws listeners in with sweet vocals over slow steel guitar and a sweeping chorus. The song tells the story of an unexpected crush on a friend, turning what could have been a regrettable romance into a beautiful surprise. Teigen described the song as capturing the innocence and charm of new love, filled with the “cute, silly mistakes” that make relationships special.

“’Better Mistake’ is a song about unexpectedly falling in love with someone you consider a friend. Instead of a romance filled with regret, you realize you couldn’t have made a better mistake,” Teigen said. “The music video captures the innocence of falling in love. The cute, silly mistakes every relationship has when it’s new — it’s the best mistakes in life that make things beautiful.”

As Teigen Gayse continues to grow, “Better Mistake” stands as a testament to her songwriting prowess and emotional depth. Stay tuned for this talented artist as she takes the country music world by storm.

Teigen Gayse – “If You Show Me Yours” Video

Having recently made her home in Nashville, Teigen Gayse is primed for a banner year of new music following two consecutive Top 30 singles with “If You Show Me Yours” (over 3 million streams), produced by Chad Kroeger and Nickelback’s Chase Baseford and co-written with Kroeger and Simon Clow, along with her recent radio hit “Sleeping With Her” (peaking at #21).

Teigen Gayse – “Sleeping With Her” Music Video

“This video tells the story of a person losing sleep because the person they are still in love with is now sleeping with someone else. I made this video in Nashville on a beautiful summer day and each location tells a small part of the story. I love the bed scenes in the countryside! It was fun to film because I was really able to express my pain in these scenes. The back and forth scenes between me and my new girlfriend are very powerful and make the story clearer. I hope you enjoy this journey with me!” – Teigen Gayse explained

Already backed by an impressive track record, including the viral hit “I Don’t Need A Boy” (over 2 million streams alone) and her 2022 hit “Messed Up,” the current Female Artist, Songwriter and Interactive Artist of the Year continues to capture attention with its captivating storytelling and emotional performances.

Teigen Gayse

Teigen Gayse - “Better Mistake” Press PhotoTeigen Gayse - “Better Mistake” Press Photo

Capturing the attention of renowned national media outlets, amassing over 10 million streams across her catalog and a staggering 48 million views on TikTok, Gayse stands out as an independent artist with remarkable staying power. Her undeniable talent landed her a finalist in SiriusXM’s 2023 Top of the Country contest and has earned her a spot at the editorial table in rooms with industry veterans such as Chad Kroeger, Gordie Samson, Jeff Trott, Dylan Guthro, Emma Lee Doty, Baker Grissom, Phil Barton, Patricia Conroy, Karen Kosowski, David Thompson, and Gavin Slate. With her vibrant energy, Gayse has graced the stages of some of Canada’s biggest summer festivals including Boots & Hearts, LASSO, Cavendish Beach, and the Calgary Stampede.

Teigen Gayse – single “Better Mistake”

Teigen Gayse - “Better Mistake” coverTeigen Gayse - “Better Mistake” cover

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