Deion Sanders imposes extremely strict rules for Colorado players and coaches to rectify vital mistakes before 2024 season

To have a sure success in the 2024 season, Deion Sanders and Co. have renewed everything. Renewed roster, renewed game plan and renewed policies at the school. While roster and game plan inconsistencies are refined on the field, Deion Sanders makes sure players stay disciplined even off the field to get results on the field. Their latest “no phones during breakfast or lunch” policy is already paying off. However, there are some fingers that have been raised against it.

The no-phone policy is not the only policy CU student-athletes must follow. Deion Sanders has made everything related to discipline stricter at CU. Strict rules are implemented daily. The Pregame Network’s Uncle Nelly explains why all of this is necessary for CU this season and how it would reflect on the field. According to him, Coach Prime is not implementing the rules to make them perfect in social situations or anything like that. Rather it is just “Talking about the discipline of showing up to meetings on time. Watching your movie. Be where you’re supposed to be. Take your tray to the cafeteria. The little things.”

Even if someone is just five minutes late to practice, they will be asked to skip. The reason for this is simple. “If you’re not disciplined enough to get to a meeting on time, you’re not going to be disciplined enough to wait for that shot and make that good jump.” Uncle Nelly explains the reason for all this. It is safe to say that the effect of all additional disciplinary measures will be fully manifested at the beginning of the 2024 season.

The aftermath of Deion Sanders’ rigor

For Shilo Sanders, Deion Sanders might have gone “too far,” but CU is already seeing all the results. Not only to close the communication gap between players but also to impact the score. Speaking to Pregame Network, Warren Sapp highlights how he sees the difference in cafeteria communication after the implementation of the no phone policy. “The whole team is much more united.” Sapp admitted.

And as for the score, well, BetMGM Sportsbook’s betting odds say the rest. The Buffs are a heavy favorite here, with over 63% of people who voted for CU earning more than 5.5 wins this season. A big jump from the previous season’s 4-8 score. Even ESPN’s FPI has projected the Buffs to have 6.3 wins this season. While expectations are high, the Buffs appear fully prepared to achieve them.

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