Max Verstappen consoles George Russell for mistakes made at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen played the role of George Russell’s support partner and offered consolation to the British driver for his mistakes during the Canadian GP. The Montreal race had its surprises for several teams on the grid. Despite a disappointing start to the season, Mercedes made a remarkable comeback, while Red Bull continued to struggle despite taking a win. However, Russell’s career was marked by multiple errors, prompting the world champion to console him.

Russell had high hopes of winning the race from pole position, after two years without a win. Furthermore, Red Bull’s drop in pace increased the probability of a Mercedes win. However, after losing the race, Russell was understandably disappointed. Verstappen consoled him, acknowledging that such mistakes can occur when one is pushing to the limit.

The race winner highlighted that sometimes it is worth taking risks, while a single mistake can end everything. However, Verstappen remained positive and stated that these experiences are part of the learning process in motorsport. He assured Russell that he would reflect on the situation and grow from it, considering his youth and the time he had left ahead of him.

Mercedes achieved its best result of the season with a third and fourth place at the Canadian GP. The improvements made to his car for the race proved beneficial. The team now looks ahead to the next few races with the aim of making further improvements. However, Brackley are currently behind in the championship battle.

Verstappen did not guarantee an easy victory in Canada. He had to engage in an exciting battle during the action-packed race in Montreal. Additionally, Mercedes showed impressive lap times during the Q2 qualifying session, indicating that they had the faster car overall. Despite the ease with which mistakes can be made, Russell’s disappointment was evident.

The exciting racing witnessed at the Canadian GP has raised expectations among fans for the rest of the season. The constructors’ championship can witness fierce competition between the top three or four teams. McLaren and Ferrari have shown significant progress and Mercedes is expected to do the same.