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McLaren could have had a much better finish Canadian GP with Lando Norris about to achieve another victory. The crew followed a different strategy during the race that wasn’t as rewarding as they thought. Due to this strategy, Norris missed out on victory in the Montreal race. Hence the British man opened up about the mistake made by the team against Max Verstappen.

Lando Norris He had great handling and advanced Max Verstappen and the latter also has DRS. Furthermore, the British soon surpassed George Russell for the lead of the race. However, a safety car sergeant loganIn the accident, all the drivers behind entered the pits under the safety car. Norris tried to use an overcut strategy that failed and did not help him overcome Verstappen.

The 24-year-old thought he could have stopped immediately like the others, but he didn’t, which was a mistake. However, following this strategy helped Norris overtake Russell for second place in the race. Furthermore, Norris calculated that he could have overtaken Verstappen if he had overtaken quickly when the safety car came in.

I could have stopped immediately like the others did and we didn't do it, it was a mistake on our part but subsequently staying out on the intermediates instead of immediately switching to the slicks helped me to overcut Russell. I could have stayed ahead of Verstappen too if I had been quicker to overtake again.

said Lando Norris, as reported by

Lando Norris says finishing second is ‘good’ in ‘difficult conditions’ at Canadian GP

He Canadian GP He witnessed several people colliding on the track in wet conditions. Therefore, a second place in Montreal was not the worst of results. Norris calculated that the team could have won the race, but they did not. Still, the Briton accepted that finishing second was good considering the difficult conditions. However, this result did not merit celebrations for the sole winner of the race, as second place was not good enough to win the race.

We could have won and we didn't once again we were there and in any case finishing in second place is a good result in such difficult conditions although it is no longer a position to be fully celebrated and this is a big step forward in terms of performance in general.

Lando Norris added.

Lando Norris (via IMAGO)Lando Norris (via IMAGO)
Lando Norris (via IMAGO)

In any case, the Briton stated that he would not complain about the conditions of the safety car or the way in which it was deployed. The reason was that this same safety car was responsible for Norris’ first victory in Miami. Therefore, according to the 24-year-old, this was all part of racing at the top of motorsport.

I certainly won't be among those who complain about the Safety Car because in Miami it played to my advantage and in Canada it didn't, it's the racing.

concluded Lando Norris.

McLaren has started the season in great form against a struggling Red Bull. Woking has further closed the gap between Ferrari and themselves after Maranello suffered a double DNF. Therefore, the second half of the season looks promising for some great racing action between these teams.

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