I’m a property expert: six mistakes that make your garden look tacky

IF you’re looking to renovate your home or spruce up your garden in time for the warmer weather, you might want to take note!

That’s because a decluttering and home improvement expert has warned about six things that can make your home or outdoor retreat look “cheap” or “tacky.”

A property expert has shared six things that make your home look tackyCredit: Getty
Zlatka advises against using too many artificial flowersCredit: Getty

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Fantastic Services’ Zlatka Dimitrova revealed the offensive trends she urges everyone to avoid.

And it’s not good news if you’re a fan of garden gnomes…


If you’re having trouble keeping your flowers alive, chances are you’ve scattered fake flowers around your home and maybe even your garden.

But according to Zlatka, the “overuse of plastic decorations,” such as artificial flowers or even cheap garden gnomes, can give your garden a “tacky look.”

Instead, he advises opting for “natural materials and tasteful decorative elements” to create a “more elegant outdoor space.”


The real estate genius points out that unkempt, overgrown or neglected plants can make a garden look “abandoned and untidy.”

She advises that regular pruning, weeding and general maintenance are essential for a tidy appearance.


Have you ever come across a purchase that you know you don’t need but is too good a deal to turn down?

Well, according to Zlatka, it’s really worth thinking twice before making that purchase, especially if you know you don’t have the space at home to put it.

“Your garden or home can look cheap if your home is cluttered with too many knick-knacks, furniture or decorations,” he warns.

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“This can make a space look cramped and disorganized, giving it a cheap and chaotic look.”


With the unpredictable British weather, it is likely that your outdoor furniture has endured years of rain, hail and wind.

However, the property genius warns that furniture that is “visibly damaged, stained or dated can detract from the overall aesthetic of a home.”

He goes on to say that it is best to invest in durable, weather-resistant furniture that can improve the look and functionality of your garden.

“Damaged or low-quality garden furniture can detract from the overall appeal of your outdoor space, so it is best to invest in durable, weather-resistant furniture that can improve the look and functionality of your garden,” concludes Zlatka.


The property expert also points out how inadequate or harsh lighting can make a space appear “dreary and unwelcoming”.

Visibly damaged, stained, or dated furniture can detract from the overall aesthetic of a home.

Zlatka DimitrováProperty expert

Instead, it says, “The right lighting, including ambient, task, and accent lighting, can enhance the ambience and make a home feel more inviting and upscale.”


And last but not least, Zlatka points out that low-quality blinds, plastic curtains, or poorly installed window treatments can make a room “look unfinished.”

She advises: “Opt for well-made, properly sized curtains or drapes to enhance the look of your windows.”

The real estate guru also goes on to say how the lack of a cohesive style or theme can make a space seem “disjointed.”

Zlatka shares her top tip: “Choosing a consistent color palette and style can help create a more refined and harmonious look.”

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