Philmar Alipayo on making mistakes: “hindi ko kayang umuwi”

This is what Philmar Alipayo said in case you made a mistake.

Addressing the topic of the viral video, here is one thing Philmar Alipayo cannot do if he makes a mistake.

Surfing champion Philmar Alipayo, fiance of actress Andi Eigenmann, came under attack online over a video. In the video, he is seen talking to a woman and, to the understanding of others, his gestures seemed to say something.

Philma’s video with another woman It went viral but Andi Eigenmann didn’t even flinch. She knows her partner too well to believe what people online were saying about him. What just bothered her was that it was edited and published on purpose. She just thinks this is “super unnecessary.”

In an interview with Boy Abunda, Alipayo clarified that they were simply talking. And that was all it ever was. He knows his limitations even with the presence of alcohol in his system.

He admitted that he already had a drink in that video but he is always careful even in this state. Philmar expressed that he would not dare return home to his family knowing that he had made a mistake.

“Kung may kasalanan ako hindi ko kayang umuwi ng bahay”, He joked based on the interview.

Meanwhile, Andi and Philmar’s wedding It’s still going to happen, but it won’t be this year. They don’t want to do it mainly because of the death of his mother, supposedly the most important figure in this event in his life.

It would also have been very important for her to take her mother to Siargao and make her realize what she discovered there and make certain changes. She always thought she would just stay. There was never a moment when she thought about her death.

“For me, the most important lesson is learning how to make the people you love feel the way they want. It’s just not about it the best way you know how.” she expressed.

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