10 More Movie Mistakes That Became Canon – Page 8

Sometimes there are more important things than a scene making complete sense, as Troy Duffy confirmed with his cult classic The Boondock Saints.

Early in the film, prankster David Della Rocco (played by the actor of the same name) gets into a bar fight with members of the Russian mob after making a very, very naughty comment about one of their mothers, ending with the line, “Her face looked like an egg!”

This causes said Russian to punch Rocco in the face, but if you pay attention to the exchange, Rocco actually gets punched. before He can finish reciting the sentence, but we still hear the rest of the sentence, as if he had not been punched at all.

Clearly this is an awkward editing moment, with Duffy struggling to get Rocco to complete the line before getting punched in the face, so he just stuck it in there anyway, even though it doesn’t really make much sense.

After all, there’s basically no way for a person to continue telling a joke in a perfectly composed tone while getting punched in the jaw.

But for many fans, this strange mistake nonetheless feels perfectly in keeping with the anarchic spirit of the film and, more specifically, Rocco’s status as a tireless gossipmonger.

Considering his nickname is literally “The Funny Man,” if there’s anyone who can keep his jaw on while getting his face beat up, it’s definitely him. We’ll let that slide.