Laura Ingraham apologizes for Fani Willis’ graphic error

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham issued an on-air apology Friday after the network botched a graphic that was supposed to feature Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in front of Nathan Wade, a prosecutor who resigned from the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald Trump.

The anchor had appeared onscreen next to a graphic showing an image of Willis in half of a broken heart, while a photo of attorney Terrence Bradley, Wade’s former partner and divorce attorney, appeared on the other half of the heart. Judge Scott McAfee’s image appeared in the middle of the graphic.

Wade, who had a romantic relationship with Willis, resigned after McAfee ruled Friday that the prosecutor had to recuse himself from the case or else Willis would have to step aside.

“Now a note about a graph we showed at the beginning of the program,” Ingraham said. saying on Fox News. “It was supposed to be Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, but we accidentally put Terrence Bradley in. Obviously it wasn’t intentional. We made a mistake and we regret it.”

Social media users suggested that Fox News’ confusion may have stemmed from Wade and Bradley. They are both black.

The network has made mistakes in the past with on-air graphics, including a photo of singer Patti LaBelle for a tribute to Aretha Franklin in 2018 and showing a map of the Middle East that labeled Iraq as Egypt.