Max Verstappen’s F1 rival Lando Norris must avoid KEY mistake in championship ‘test’

An F1 expert has identified the biggest mistake Lando Norris can do against his rival Max Verstappen.

The British star has been hot on Verstappen’s heels since his First victory at the Miami Grand Prixhis Rivalry reaches its peak in Austria earlier this season.

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While battling for the lead at Spielberg, the two were involved in a dramatic collision that caused Norris to retire and Verstappen to finish fifth.

Despite the incident, the two insisted that they remain friends, with Norris reveals he doesn’t need the Dutchman to apologize for the incident.

Max Verstappen and Lando Norris collided at the Austrian GP
Max Verstappen did not apologize for the incident

Verstappen and Norris can’t be friends

The Mirror’s senior F1 reporter Daniel Moxon argued that Norris’ friendship with the champion could hamper him as a competitor.

“Lando Norris insists he and Max Verstappen remain good friends despite their clash in Austria,” Moxon wrote in his column.

“Norris has been putting pressure on his rival for a couple of months and it was inevitable that they would collide at some point – Verstappen has a track record.

“Everyone in the paddock is asking whether or not it’s possible to be friends with your championship rival. Whatever the answer to that, what Norris can’t allow himself to do is see his Red Bull rival as a friend after the visor comes down.

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Lando Norris can’t see Max Verstappen as his ‘teammate’ according to F1 expert

“Although Red Bull is not as dominant as before, the Dutchman is still giving his best and you have to be perfect to beat him. Norris has learned that in recent weeks: small mistakes cost him dearly in Canada and Spain.

“Facing Verstappen is the biggest test of the Briton’s title credentials and he will not succeed if he cannot see that the Red Bull driver is his enemy, not his friend, in the world of F1.”

Norris looked to be back in contention for victory at Silverstone last weekend, but gave way to Verstappen with The rivals who finished P2 and P3 Behind Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes.

The two will meet again on track at the Hungarian Grand Prix on July 21.

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