Common mistakes that could land Britons abroad in fines of over £1,000

Britons planning to drive abroad this summer should be aware of the rules and regulations in different countries, as fines can be severe and cost you money.

Review the rules before driving abroad

Britons planning a road trip abroad over the summer are being warned they could face fines of more than £1,000.

Drivers who are unaware of the different driving rules in Europe can find themselves on the wrong side of the law and losing money. Fortunately, the experts at Motor Match have broken down some of the most common mistakes drivers make. Many of the fines handed out are due to simple errors that are easy to overlook. Therefore, it’s crucial that you brush up on the rules before you head out on your trip abroad.

Bring mandatory equipment

Motor Match recommended: “British drivers abroad should ensure they are fully prepared with the necessary equipment when driving in Europe. Items such as a warning triangle, high-visibility vest and first aid kit are essential.”

Additionally, a UK magnetic sticker is included in the checklist, Bristol Live reports. Britons must display a UK sticker clearly on their vehicle if the number plate has:

  • A GB badge with the Union flag
  • A euro symbol
  • A national flag of England, Scotland or Wales.
  • Only numbers and letters, no flag or identifier

“In Europe, if Britons drive without the correct sticker, they will be fined 140 euros or 120 pounds while on the continent.”

Essential documents

“All drivers should check their papers before travelling abroad,” says Motor Match. “You should always carry a valid driving licence, car insurance details and vehicle registration documents. Failure to carry any of these can seriously affect your plans and lead to fines of up to €750. It’s better to be well prepared than to face delays.”